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Moodle 504 gateway time-out

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When I work this script, after a few minutes I'm getting "504 Gateway Timeout Error". I increased all timeout values on php.ini, also I increased execution times but it is still same. An HTTP 504 status code (Gateway Timeout) indicates that when CloudFront forwarded a request to the origin (because the requested object wasn’t in the edge cache), one of the following happened: The origin returned an HTTP 504 status code to CloudFront.

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1. AWS Elastic BeansTalk Nginx Timeout 504 Bad Gateway - Java Servlet AsyncContext.

Moodle 504 gateway time-out

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Moodle 504 gateway time-out

504 errors are between your server and the servers at moodle.org. Therefore, think it's a network error not necessarily limited to Moodle and it's code. Moodle is making a request and has communicated with outside server but the communications are not making it back to your server.

MoodleNet. Lounge. Glossary of common terms. Activities. Other components I have another moodle running on the same server from before. It was installed fresh here with the latest version of Moodle and everything. That one works just fine and never throws a 504 Gateway Time-out.
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nginx. Moodle Version = 3.7.1+. I cannot log in to Moodle (administrator) What is the reason for the above error?

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AWSTATS DATA FILE 6.7 build 1.892 # If you remove this

I'm seeing a 504 response for a long request using the Spring Cloud Zuul gateway pattern. The timeout occurs exactly 1 minute after the request was issued. I've tried the following to no avail: 이 504 Gateway Time-ou t 오류는 리버스 프록시 프로그램에서 < == > 해당 프록시 (upstream)와의 통신이 오래걸렸고, 리버스 프록시 프로그램에서 지정한 시간 제한을 초과 해서 발생한 오류입니다. 리버스 프록시 프로그램 은 거의 99% nginx 를 사용하므로, 이 글에서는 nginx 기준으로 설명하겠습니다. 504 Gateway Time-out 오류는 아래와 같은 형태로 나타납니다. < 그림 : nginx 에서 504 오류 Sometimes VPN servers are not able to get a response from the server that is hosting your site.